Hi! I’m Monica

Dieppe, Normandy, France

Hi! I’m Monica!

I love to travel. I love home made food. I love Do-It-Yourself projects. I am always looking for something new to do.

Like my sisters, I have been pursuing a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. From a very young age, I had a lot of health problems. A lot of my memories as a child has me either in a doctor’s office, broken out in rashes, or completely congested. My doctors had me try so many types of creams, steroids, and what not to try to stop the problems – unbeknowst to myself and my famiy, the problems came from the chemicals. One doctor wisely told me to stop using scented body soap and stick to unscented Dove soap.

That really did have an effect, and soon we stopped using scented laundry detergent. The oozing, itchy rashes on my arms, behind my knees and on my stomach disappeared! What a simple remedy!

From my allergy to nickel on my jeans button

Later, in my early twenties, I came home after spending six months helping to rebuild in Lousiana after Hurricane Katrina and found myself always exhausted, having little or no motivation, carrying more excess weight, and feeling overall terrible. I knew there was something wrong with me and I suspected I had parasites. I told my mom that I felt that was the problem but, I wasnt going to go to the doctor because I wasn’t going to take medication to fix the problem. Not long after that conversation, she found an all-natural way for me to cleanse my colon and rid myself of parasites. I did a one-week long colon cleanse every three months and the first 5 cleanses had me expelling a different kind of parasite each time! I, also, lost 15 pounds the first week and thirty pounds within two months.

The first type of parasite I expelled. It’s a hookworm. It was about 5 inches long and about 3/4 inch thick.

That was the very beginning to what has become a lifelong search for the best way to live without chemicals, without the respiratory problems, the gastrointestinal problems, the skin rashes, the low energy, the seemingly inexplicable weight gain and so many other problems that are prevalent and widely accepted as “this is the way it is.” It doesn’t have to be. I can attest to that. After that, my family slowly started changing things around.

When we all moved out from our parents house, the true transformation started. Much of the changes came out of necessity since we had very little money. But, we had internet. We did a lot of research on how to do things ourselves and with chemical-free everyday items. We also learned how much better food tastes when you make it from scratch. We got very spoiled after that.

What sold me on this way of life was when I found out that I had a benign tumor that had been growing for at least 5-6 years. My blood count was at a 6 (it should be around a 14). The doctor said that probably the only reason I was functioning as a person was because of my lifestyle. All the doctors I saw were floored that I wasn’t bedridden.

I recently moved about an hour and a half north of New York City. Being a Californian my whole life, it was quite a culture shock in many ways, but a huge shock was the low availability of quality fresh produce. Also, now having lived with non-Californians (not that all us Californians are health freaks), I really see how chemicals, eating out, canned foods, boxed foods, diets that obviously wont work, and the like are a part of the everyday American lifestyle. I had no idea I was so sheltered!

Now, my mission is to find ways to live this healthy lifestyle in a place that does not have a prevalence of choices and to do it on a low budget and tight time schedule. I like to call myself “professionally poor”. It has become the the way of life. But, in this life I am able to travel, be healthy, and most importantly be happy.


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  1. Blanca says:

    Hi Monica!
    I really enjoyed reading your post! Very interesting! In reference to “when I found out that I had a benign tumor that had been growing for at least 5-6 years. My blood count was at a 6 (it should be around a 14)” was it the low blood count that led the doctors to further examine and then they found the tumor? Is the tumor was led to the low blood count? What were other side effects you showed? I ask because my younger sister has had some recent health issues and we’ve taken her to a few doctores and none have been able to give a satisfying answer. It’s the typical “let me give you this medicine and let’s see IF it helps”. I would really like to hear from you!


    1. UnrefinedMonica says:

      Hello, Blanca. Thank you for asking. It was a routine blood check for something completely unrelated and seeing that my hemoglobin was so low, they called me 20 minutes after my appointment and told me to go to the emergency room. At the emergency room, they did an ultrasound on my pelvic area and told me they don’t know what’s wrong with me and that I just needed a blood transfusion. That was not acceptable. I was not getting a blood transfusion and besides how would that have fixed the problem? I showed my discharge papers to a wholistic doctor friend of mine and she showed me right there on the paper that they had found a tumor around the size of a tennis ball! I was a fibroid tumor.
      After research, I found out that it was a hormone imbalance that lead to the tumor and the tumor fed and grew off my hormones and blood. I was exhausted all the time and my moods were erratic. My cramps would have me bent over in pain. My menstrual blood flow was extremely heavy. I wanted to just sit on the toilet the first day or two because it was that heavy. I couldn’t sleep without getting up every couple hours to change my several layers of protection.
      Now that the tumor is gone, my menstrual flow is similar to how it was when I was in high school (low flow, no pain, minimal PMS, and only about 3 days). I take natural horomone replacements now.


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