It’s Getting Interesting – Some Helping Hands

This past year has changed my life tremendously. Like a complete makeover and is barely recognizable type of change.  So, when I want to write, I don’t know what to write about. My brain is full of things that I want to share, but they don’t seem to fit under The Unrefined Wife’s main theme, no sugar added and unrefined foods.

 I knew the blog had to change, but I couldn’t figure out in what direction. Should I write about my struggles and joys of Bolivia and how I have to think outside of the box to create an environment that is bearable? For example, there is no sharp cheddar cheese here in Sucre. What kind of place is this? Or better, I can write about how I am steadily eating my way through the unfamiliar foods of Bolivia. Or I could take it in another direction and write about how I am striving to have a modern “American” decorated apartment without being in a country that has IKEA, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, etc.? Maybe I should write about how my husband and I have gotten creative with our ways of making money here in Bolivia. There were so many directions that I could go that I needed help, so I decided to expand.

What I am talking about is expanding the blog family. So instead of hearing only my voice, you will hear the voices of others and their take on living naturally anywhere in the world.  In other words, this will be an unrefined, DIY, travel on a budget, living granola, chemical free, surviving abroad, saving a penny and looking good while doing it kind of blog.

Without further ado, I welcome my own sisters.


This is going to be fun. Each sister has their own specialty and interest. We will learn much about them as their write about their own fields of interest. But, allow me to introduce them to you properly.

Monica. Many people say that we look very similar, so I am biased in her beauty. Monica calls herself “professionally poor”, but don’t let that fool you. She has traveled all over the world and is always planning her next adventure. Because of her interest in world culture, she has learned Hindi and Spanish.  She manages to travel for months at a time without incurring much debt. In fact, this girl knows how to stretch a dollar in everything she does: buying clothes and makeup, decorating her home, purchasing groceries, and even throwing incredibly big parties.  


Candice. She doesn’t look like me, but she has features that I am envious of, so I am biased in her beauty. Candice is on the nonstop quest of being “ultra granola”. Her current interests include raising bees, growing kombucha, and walking barefoot anywhere there isn’t a “no shoes, no service” sign preventing her from doing so. After having lived in Africa, she is searching more and more on how one can live off the planet rather than off of chemicals.  She speaks Hindi and spends her time living within the Indian culture, which is known for living life naturally.


Ashley. With a style similar to mine and a big beautiful head of natural hair, I can’t help but be biased in her beauty. Ashley artistic skills are amazing and she uses that skill to bring a smile to others. Being so creative, it’s natural that she would develop an interest in the Asian culture. She has been studying Thai and the culture behind it for around 10 years. The more she learns the more determined she is to keep chemicals out of her house and off of her body. She has found out that working with nature is more beneficial to us than not giving nature much thought in our choices.


Now you have met the new members of The Unrefined Wife family. Ultimately, we love ourselves and others and we try to demonstrate that by the way we live. We hope that some of the tips that we share will benefit your life in some way no matter where you are in the world.



I want to hear from you!

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