This trip has taught us a lot. 

We were ready to go home. We were looking forward to seeing our family, our friends, speaking English, and eating all of the wonderful food that we can’t get in Bolivia. Throughout our year in Bolivia, what we talked about was our vacation. But, as we got closer to our date of departure, we started losing our excitement for going back home.

We realized that we would be abandoning our congregation, our bible studies, and even our progress in learning Spanish. Who takes a vacation for 2.5 months? We started to regret our decision and wondered if we should shorten it. 

To add to that burden, our congregation threw us a “welcome” party only a few days before we left for the States. A few cried begging us to return and not to forget them. From that experience alone, my husband and I determined that we cannot take extended vacations anymore. This will be our first and last, if we can help it, so we better enjoy it while we have it.

Then, we started noticing that we referred to the States as home and to Bolivia as home. In reality, they both are our home. When we came back to the States, we received comfort from our family and friends. We enjoyed spending time with everyone and wish we had more time with them. But, at the same time, we are happy to be going back to Bolivia. We miss our friends and new family. We miss the work that we were doing. We miss having a spiritual routine.

However, we learned from our time in the States that we need to keep ourselves spiritually fed in English. We made sure that we got all of our assemblies in English while in Bolivia, but we didn’t listen to English meetings every week. We started reasoning that since we studied it in English, we got the information we needed. But, going to meetings in English, during our vacation, strengthened and refreshed us and we didn’t even know we were weakened. And now we are even more determined to listen to the English meetings every week. This will add to our load, but it is essential for our spiritual survival.
Now we are a week away from being home in Bolivia. And we are excited. This year starts a new adventure with new challenges that we have no idea how they will work out. This year will let us really see where our faith is because everything will depend on our reliance on Jehovah. The idea of it is terrifying, but we know that our Father is amazing and takes care of his people. He’s been proving that to us over and over again.

We had a wonderful vacation that was packed full of mini vacays. Jehovah truly gives until there is no more want. The next post will outline where we went in 2.5 months. And there will be plenty of pictures, I promise. Then, we will move on to Life in Bolivia – part 2.



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  1. Cedric says:

    We hope and pray to our god for nothing but the best for you and my brother Jeremy, although we only spent a couple hours together We really cherished the time……you and the hubby are such the encouragement, AWESOME MISSIONARIES!!! I look forward to pictures update correspondence etc…. Love the Harbert’s
    P.S. Don’t forget to add my right email address to your blog


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