The Refined Life Led to My Downfall

My dad used to say, whenever we were sick or in pain, “It’s all in your head. You can think your way out of it.” We, rarely, went to the doctor’s office because our ailments were ‘all in our head’. Thank goodness we all survived our childhood and grew up relatively healthy.

But, what happens when you know something is wrong with you, but no one else believes you?

Wait. Let me take that back. My husband knew something was wrong with me and so did my therapist. But, no one else believed me – doctors, friends, relatives, no one. They all looked at me like some kind of hypochondriac or attention seeker.

Look how innocent those donuts seem.
Look how innocent those donuts seem.

When I decided to stop eating refined sugars, refined flours, alcohol, and caffeine, everyone was convinced that I was on some type of weight loss program. “You’ve lost so much weight. What are you doing?” ones would ask. When I told them about my medical issues and finished it with “losing weight is a symptom of my diet change”, they would respond, “Oh. I couldn’t do that! I guess I’ll stay fat. How long do you’ll think you’ll be on it?”


Granted, I don’t even know the name of my condition. I went to the doctor to get my hormones checked and they told me I was fine. So, he prescribed me anti-depressants. Yet, I was still depressed all the time, unmotivated, and moody. I would get days when I couldn’t even look at someone without getting mad. Those days I chose to stay home, in my room, watching netflix. My husband would walk on eggshells around me, not knowing if I was having a good hour or not. I couldn’t even stay stable for a full day.

It was obviously not in my head.

My husband and I had plans to move out of the country and help others in need. He sat down with me one day and explained that there was no way we could move. We needed all the support we had where we were at. Maybe we could redefine our goals. I was crushed. I don’t think anyone has loathed his/herself as much as I hated myself. But, it was what I needed to find a way out of this.

After months of research, I appreciate now that what we feed ourselves is so important. Because I stick mainly to whole foods I have tamed the beast. I have

regained my sanity. Seven years I had to live with that person. I wish I could say she was gone. Every now and then I slip up for a few days and eat sugar and she reminds me that she is always there, always ready to prove that she’s as strong as ever. Just call me Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. All it takes is some sugar. Ms. Hyde never fails to appear.

So, I am constantly reminded that I have to stay away from the refined stuff, especially sugar. But, I have won because in two months, I will be moving to Bolivia.

Bolivia or Bust
Bolivia or Bust

What are your reasons for giving up sugar? Have you found that it affects your mood or physical performance? Tell me your story.


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  1. Lately I’ve been wondering if eliminating refined items might be the answer to some of the physical & emotional issues that I’ve been dealing with. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Congratulations on your upcoming move! I look toward to reading more from you 😊


  2. Emily Lambio says:

    Hello! I’d like to cheer you on for the decision you’ve made for your health and I look forward to learning more through your blog. I also need to work on my health so i’d be looking here for inspiration.

    Congratulations on winning with your struggle with sugar and have a wonderful and meaningful time in Bolivia. cheers!


    1. Thank you! We are both excited and nervous about our move. But, it has been a plan in the works for about a decade.


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